Client Services


Signature Projects | Consultancy

We pride ourselves on working directly with our clients to help them achieve their desired end result, whether a pre-opening, refurbishment, or any specific project we are able to assemble our team of specialists to exceed expectations.

People, Performance and Growth

One of our key areas is in relation to People Development, Talent Management (the Human aspect) your biggest assest are the people that work for you and live the brand.  We run Team Building, Leadership Development and various other workshops that are aligned to your brand values.

On-site & Remote Support Services

Working remotely or on-site we are able to provide additional support, guidance and assistance to our clients on a global scale whether for a few weeks or months we can deliver,


We ensure that the right candidate is sourced for our clients, and that they are the right fit for the culture of the company and its brand DNA.

How does it work

We provide an initial assessment for free, with only travel expenses being charged back to the client.  All other fee's are then presented after the inintal meeting, via a formal proposal, following which a LOI (Letter of Intent) is issued.

Giving Back

A percentage of all fees (with the exception of recruitment) is to be donated to the clients chosen local charity from Shorthouse Hospitality International